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Shengtuo's "Service China" trip to Guizhou has been going on for two weeks, and eight units of service training have been deployed throughout Guiyang.
From November 21st to 26th, the second stage of "Serving China" Guizhou Station was fully loaded with advanced shock elastic wave non-destructive testing technology and equipment, and went to Guizhou Transportation Vocational Technical College, Guizhou Jiaotong Engineering Inspection Co., Ltd. in four days. Guizhou Tiejian Engineering Quality Inspection Consulting Co., Ltd., Guizhou Qiantong Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Guizhou Institute of Technology Civil Engineering Test and Inspection Co., Ltd. conducts face-to-face, one-to-one operation demonstration teaching of the company's actual equipment use, on-site Q & A and new non-destructive testing. Explanation of technical exchanges. According to the actual needs of each unit, develop different communication displays.
Guizhou Communications Vocational and Technical College
Guizhou Communications Vocational and Technical College is a comprehensive vocational college featuring transportation, and it is also the only national model vocational college in Guizhou Province. The college currently has three campuses: Qingzhen, Yangguan and Changling, covering an area of ​​more than 1,680 acres. There are more than 18,000 full-time college students. There are eight departments (road and bridge engineering department, automobile engineering department, management engineering department, construction engineering department, information engineering department, mechatronic engineering department, logistics engineering department, track engineering department) and two departments (basic teaching department, adult education department) 1) School No. 1 (Driving Technical School) and No. 1 Academy (Guizhou Institute of Transportation Technologists), offering specialties covering transportation and related industries, of which road and bridge engineering technology, automobile application technology, construction engineering technology, and engineering machinery control technology are four majors: National Higher Vocational College Demonstration Major. Over the years, the college has been adhering to the school motto of "integration of knowledge and action, dual skills and virtues", adheres to the school idea of ​​"relying on industry, running schools with characteristics; collaborative innovation, open sharing", inheriting and innovating "factory-in-school, school-in-plant, and middle school The model of "doing while learning" has been recognized by the society and the country, and has been praised as the "Guizhou Jiaotong Model" of vocational education.
As the province's only "National Demonstration Higher Vocational Technical College", the college takes "providing talent support for transportation construction and economic development in Guizhou Province" as its mission, and provides talent security and intellectual support for the development of the transportation industry. The main output base of talents is known as "the cradle of transportation talents in Guizhou".
Preach content
The service exchange was introduced in the training bridge and bridge engineering training base completed by the college. The content was explained on the spot, and the questions and answers were answered on the basis of the emphasis on the principles and the urgent requirements for the teaching of technical equipment operation.
The members of this service took heart, walked into the campus, walked among the students, and built a better platform for the students to grow up. They learned the theory, combined with practical exercises, and updated their concepts. In particular, the two "Student Cup" National Vocational College Student Nondestructive Testing Skills Competition participated by the college, this competition is based on the "shock elastic wave nondestructive testing" technology developed by Shengtuo Testing among national vocational colleges. Competition of skills. In this service, a special exchange was made on the non-destructive testing technology and equipment of the competition.
College Student Feedback
"I have learned a lot, and on behalf of the vocational college students, I especially thank you for your guidance. Through training, we have less attention than usual training. We only have a general understanding of the instrument, and we do not know where the essence is. After this training, our What is the focus of the structure of the experimental instrument? Why do you want to do this? What is the purpose? These must be understood before the experiment can be done. I feel that the company can have such activities to guide training and product The quality and service guarantee are very confident, you are the best. "
Guizhou Jiaozuo Engineering Testing Co., Ltd.
Guizhou Jiaotong Engineering Testing Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guizhou Provincial Communications Construction Consulting and Supervision Co., Ltd., established in 2001, an independent legal entity, holding a comprehensive Grade A qualification for highway engineering test and testing, and has passed Guizhou CMA measurement certification.
The company's main business is highway engineering test and testing, construction engineering material test and testing, and to provide objective and fair test and test data to the society.
2013-2017 five consecutive years of credit evaluation obtained "AA" grade. There are integrated management departments such as comprehensive management department, quality and safety department, planning operation department, and finance department; bridge and tunnel test and detection department, road building material test and detection department, traffic safety facility test and detection department, and outsourced construction site laboratory and other production departments.
Preach content
The preaching company attached great importance to this, and organized the business backbone 11 to participate.
In response to the company's concern about traffic safety detection technology, pillar buried depth detection technology, and anchor quality detection technology, Shengtuo inspection service personnel provided accurate answers to the questions. From the introduction of cutting-edge testing theory to the explanation of equipment operation, from the mature testing applications (sleeve grouting compactness testing; column buried depth testing and anchor quality testing) to the latest research and development of new mobile phone audio testing technology forms have a deeper understanding , Enhance the company's technical staff proficiency and mastery of detection technology.
client feedback
"This form is very good. A comprehensive level A unit like ours needs equipment manufacturers like you to provide us with technical services. Many times, if you do n’t have direct contact with the procurement equipment, you do n’t know too much about the novel points and setting methods of the equipment. This kind of service method will certainly improve our business, save resources and improve detection methods in the production process, and the cost will be controlled. I hope to carry out more such activities in the future and exchange more. In general, we will provide this kind of service. It's a win-win situation. "
Guizhou Railway Construction Engineering Quality Inspection Consulting Co., Ltd.
China Railway Fifth Bureau Guizhou Railway Construction Quality Inspection Consulting Co., Ltd. was founded in 1951. It is a professional quality inspection company in Guizhou. Guizhou Engineering Inspection Company, an inspection agency with legal personality, is a second-tier backbone of China Railway Group, a world top 500 company. Enterprise China Railway No. 5 Bureau set up a professional company with independent legal person for the parent.
The company has a national qualification measurement certification certificate, construction engineering quality testing agency qualification (witness sampling, main structure testing, foundation testing, steel structure testing), highway engineering test and testing agency comprehensive B qualification, national surveying and mapping A qualification, railway Inspection unit of the head office of quality supervision of the head office. The company has successively undertaken inspection tasks such as building materials, geotechnical analysis, chemical analysis, in-situ testing, and structural non-destructive testing of major railway lines across the country. Undertook national key railway projects such as Beijing-Kowloon, South-Kunming, Inner-Kun, Qin-Shen, Qing-Tibet, Wuhan-Guangzhou, Harbin, Beijing-Shanghai, Shanghai-Kunming, Gui-Guang, Lan-Xin, Xi-Cheng; Chengdu-Chongqing, Beijing-Zhuhai, Beijing-Fujian, Yuyan and other highways; municipal engineering such as Guiyang, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen subways; test and inspection services for overseas projects such as Anba, Cook, and China-Laos railways.
Preach content
The theme of this station is "The application of impact echo acoustic frequency detection technology and concrete strength detection technology in railway tunnels. According to the company's requirements, it focuses on in-depth technical exchanges on concrete strength and impact echo acoustic detection technology and simulates practical operation detection. Let the company's inspectors understand the characteristics of non-destructive inspection technology based on shock elastic wave in detail.
Guizhou Qiantong Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
Guizhou Qiantong Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") started from the Maintenance Center Laboratory of Guizhou Expressway Development Corporation (Obtained the Comprehensive Class C Qualification for Highway Engineering in October 2012) and the maintenance management technology of Guizhou Expressway Group Co., Ltd. The Center (established in September 2013) was approved to be registered as a wholly-owned subsidiary with independent legal personality in December 2014 with the approval of Guizhou Expressway Group Co., Ltd., and passed the management of Guiyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone in August 2015. The CMA qualification certification of the committee passed the CMA qualification certification of the Guiyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau on June 11, 2019. Due to the company's development needs, it absorbed and merged Guiyang Jinshuntong Engineering Test and Inspection Co., Ltd. in December 2017 and inherited its comprehensive Grade B qualification for highway engineering. In January 2018, it obtained the "Witness Sampling and Testing Qualification" issued by the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of Guizhou Province. Now holds the CMA qualification certification, the transportation industry "Comprehensive Highway Engineering Grade B", the construction industry "witness sampling testing qualification" and other testing qualifications. The company has 4 functional departments including Quality and Safety Department, General Affairs Department, Financial Management Department, and Operating Contract Department, as well as 3 professional technical departments such as Road Materials Department, Bridge Tunnel Department, and Huaxi Branch. The company has more than 100 employees, including 23 senior engineer titles, 15 engineer titles, and more than 60 people holding certificates for highway and water transport engineering test and inspection. The company plans to build a comprehensive test and inspection organization for highway engineering in the transportation industry, comprehensive Grade A + bridge and tunnel engineering projects, and construction industry witness sampling + foundations + main structure (including steel structures).
Preach content
At this station, 5 people from the centralized business backbone participated in the presentation. The topics of reverse tension pre-stress, grouting density, anchor quality, and column depth detection technology were exchanged. The company's anchor detection technology and column depth detection technology were conducted. With special technical support, Shengtuo testing service personnel will answer the questions one by one. During the communication process, the customer mentioned the problem of the accuracy of the anchor quality tester purchased by other companies in the early years and also communicated. It was found that the software system of this anchor tester is not suitable for the current detection accuracy requirements. In this regard, our company's equipment has also been compared accordingly. Obviously, both hardware and software are being upgraded to meet the current testing needs. Customers also expressed the company's affirmation of equipment quality and service guarantee.
Guizhou University of Technology Civil Engineering Test and Inspection Co., Ltd.
Guizhou University of Technology Civil Engineering Test and Inspection Co., Ltd. was established in April 2009, formerly the Experimental Testing Center of the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Guizhou University of Technology. In April 2009, it completed the shareholding system reform and became a joint-stock company with independent legal personality. The company is a national metrology certification certificate holder, with a comprehensive Class B qualification certificate for highway engineering test and testing institutions and a qualification certificate for construction engineering quality testing institutions. Mainly engaged in highways, railways, housing construction, bridges, tunnels, geotechnical and other civil engineering fields of testing, monitoring, identification and reinforcement, design; research, development and consulting services of new technologies, new processes and new materials in civil engineering.
Preach content
This station presided over the participation of 10 key business professionals, preached on the subject borehole grouting quality testing, anchor and cable tension testing, reverse tension effective prestress detection, and new technologies for impact echo acoustic detection. From the introduction of cutting-edge detection theory to the explanation of equipment operation and operation, to the detailed analysis of mature detection application sites, troubleshooting is provided. During the communication, the customer was very interested in the detection and application of the new technology shock echo acoustic frequency in the tunnel lining. Our company's technical staff made a special exchange and demonstrated it live.
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