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Chengdu headquarters

  • Sichuan Shengtuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

    Address: 7/F, Building 4, Area A, Zhizhigu, No. 355, Wuxing 5th Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

    Chengdu headquarters phone:028-68611516  028-68611510


Regional consultation

Regional head

Hubei and Guangdong: Manager Li13986076772

Gan, Qing: Qiu Manager 18702810710

Shaanxi and Ning: Manager Xu 15829008465

Jing, Tianjin, Lu: He Manager 15810518480

Ji, Black, Liao: Pay Manager18802406030

Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai: Song Manager13771149176

Jin, Yi, Meng: Manager Yang 18784995852

Yu, Xiang, Yu: Manager Huang15882081549

Ji, Min, Wan, new: Manager Hu 13540403215

Dian, Qin, Gui, Chuan, Qiong, Tibetan: Manager Chen 13880358531

Engineering Monitoring and Evaluation Division

Cui Manager 15108246560

Railway Division

Guan manager 13693608996

University Business Unit

Manager Wang 13281145531

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