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Steel guardrail column buried depth shock elastic wave detector

Profile information:
Test object: column buried in soil/concrete Test content: length, depth of immersion
basic information
Device name
Steel guardrail column buried depth shock

Qualitative test

The method can quickly detect the tightness of the grouting of the tunnel, and test the steel strands exposed at both ends of the anchor cable.
In one test, the above three methods (FLEA, FLPV, PFTF) can be tested simultaneously, and the test time for completing one channel is within 5 minutes.

Test principle and method

Rapid qualitative detection of grouting compactness, accurate location detection of defects, and identification of defect types;

Anchor cable (rod) tension detection (filled anchor cable, buried anchor cable, empty anchor cable);

Sleeve grouting; concrete material (elastic modulus, compressive strength), wall thickness.


Test items


product description


Sichuan Shengtuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd. provides pre-stressed concrete bridge multi-function detector. The equipment can test the density of the grouting of the tunnel, the quality of the concrete pouring (the strength and rigidity of the test piece, the strength of the test piece), the effective prestress under the anchor, the material and size of the concrete. It has the characteristics of high test efficiency, good reliability and no damage to the structure, which can greatly improve the quality assurance of the prestressed beam.




Results and technical characteristics

Based on the integration of existing advanced technologies at home and abroad, a series of test principles were proposed and a relatively complete detection system was established. The main independent research and development technologies are:

     Equivalent Wave Velocity Method (IEEV): Positioning and type discrimination of grouting defects of prestressed beams;

     Equivalent mass method (TTEM): testing the tension of a buried anchor/rod;

     Full Length Attenuation Method (FLEA): Qualitative testing of the channel grouting density of prestressed beams;

     Transfer Function Method (PFTF): Characterizes the grouting defects in the vicinity of the anchor head of the prestressed beam. According to this, not only can the effective tension of various anchor cables/rods be tested, the grouting compactness of the prestressed beams can be quickly qualitatively detected, accurately positioned and typed, and at the same time, the concrete material (structure, test piece), beam thickness It can also be tested.

1. Technical Specifications for Non-destructive Testing of Grouting Density in Prestressed Tunnels of Shanxi Province (DB14/T 1109-2015)

2. Technical specification for dense grouting quality inspection of bridge prestressed tunnels in Hebei Province (DB13/T 2480—2017)

3. Technical Specifications for Quality Inspection of Prestressed System of Highway Concrete Structure Bridges in Fujian Province (DB35/T 1638—2017)

4. Foshan City Bridge Prestress Construction Quality Control Guide

5. Guidance for the quality work of highway construction projects in Shaanxi Province

6. ASTM (American Standard for Testing and Materials): Standard Test Method for Measuring the P-Wave Speed and the Thickness of Concrete Plate Using Impact-Echo Method, ASTM-C1383-98, 1998.


According to the standard




Prestressed concrete beam multi-function detector


High test efficiency


Good reliability


No damage to the structure


1 ★Provide database management services, can be docked with BIM system to achieve the visualization of test results model; with the database, can be linked to test results cloud AI (artificial intelligence) analysis
2 ★National standard:GB/T 24967-2010
3 ★Signal processing and excitation technology: eliminating residual excitation signal and ground reflection signal; automatic excitation technology is used in integration processing and average processing
4 ★operating system:windows
5 ★Number of channels: 2 channels (using VMC technology to expand to multiple channels), triggering channels and receiving channels are interchangeable
6 ★Waveform noise processing and spectrum analysis: Mobile smoothing、BPF、EMD、FFT、MEM
7 Result analysis: automatic elimination of abnormal data and statistical results
8 Data acquisition: support for touch and wireless dual mode operation; support for single and continuous dual mode sampling
9 Platform: Integrated Platform
10 working temperature:-10~40℃
11 Detection range:0.7m~5.0m
12 Test accuracy: the average measurement error is not greater than ± 4% or less±8cm
13 Sampling frequency: 500KHz, adjustable
14 Sampling accuracy: floating point interpolation is compensated to 24 bits
15 Maximum collection point:20000个
16 Maximum / minimum voltage can be displayed:10V/0.0001V
17 Effective resolution:0.01m
18 Display: LCD display1280*800
19 Location information: supporting GPS positioning

































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