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Bridge remote monitoring system BSS-RMS-M

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1. Bridge automatic and rapid detection subsystem with elastic modulus as the core;

2. Beam bearing capacity calculation and health assessment system.


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1. Help to grasp the health and operation status of the bridge in real time;

2. In combination with the regular inspection of the bridge, provide basic data and judgment basis;

3. Conducive to governance overload;

4. Help in disaster reduction and rescue; after an emergency such as an earthquake, you can quickly judge the health of the bridge and avoid secondary disasters

5. Combined with bridge construction quality monitoring, it helps to improve construction quality.

The main function

Related patents


Patent name: A nondestructive test method for the bearing capacity of concrete bridges based on elastic modulus

专利号:ZL 310100142.0


Bridge remote monitoring system


Bridge remote monitoring system

The structure of the system is simple, which can save more than 90% of the construction costs and the system reliability is better than the general method;

Ensure the accuracy and resolution of the monitoring / evaluation system, which can be applied to the main beam, cover beam and bridge piers, reduce blind areas, and avoid misjudgments and omissions

The system is not only suitable for new constructions, but also for bridges in service, and, in combination with regular bridge inspections, can reduce maintenance costs during operation.


Achievements and technical characteristics




Sichuan Shengtuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is an expert in non-destructive testing technology, providing bridge remote monitoring system. The system can automatically monitor the environment temperature and bridge response in real time and visually display the results (in time); identify structural damage and give early warning of structural abnormalities (automatic warning); record the state of the structure and long-term changes (long-term continuous).




Automatic warning




Long-term continuous


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