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Foundation pit slope remote monitoring system

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Foundation pit slope remote monitoring system
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Remote monitoring system
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Monitoring items: Including foundation pits, slopes, bridges, tunnels,

pipelines, buildings, high support form monitoring, etc.

Environmental monitoring: rainfall, groundwater level, temperature,

humidity, wind speed
Deformation monitoring: surface displacement, deep soil displacement,

cracks, settlement, deflection, slope, concrete strain, pipeline

deformation, surrounding rock convergence deformation, etc.
Stress monitoring: concrete stress, rebar stress, earth pressure, pore

water pressure, anchor pull-out force, cable force, support axial force
Other monitoring: vibration, elastic modulus

Monitoring content

Functional Overview

Foundation pit slope remote

monitoring system


System Features

Adopting network BS architecture, you can check the monitoring situation at any time;
By combining with BIM, 3D visualization of monitoring scenes and data can be realized;
Significantly reduce monitoring costs, increase monitoring frequency and safety redundancy.


Engineering Internet of

Things Remote Online




The remote monitoring system is based on IoT (Internet of Things technology) structural system, cloud computing, wired

/ wireless network, communication network and other multi-network seamless connection technologies. It uses a

dedicated custom sensor and a series of non-destructive testing technologies of the company to establish a remote

monitoring system. Real-time monitoring of pits, slopes, bridges and tunnels. The monitoring system based on the

database service center can accommodate a large amount of monitoring data for foundation pits, slopes, bridges, and

tunnel structures, providing a more scientific and complete monitoring and maintenance program.





Engineering big data

analysis and database




Smart construction

design planning and



Engineering monitoring

consulting technology services


Functional Overview

Real-time monitoring: Through the automated online monitoring of engineering projects such as foundation pits,

slopes, bridges, tunnels, and buildings, the overall safety status of the project can be grasped in real time. "

Report push: Real-time display and release of monitoring results, regularly push monitoring reports to users;

Monitoring and early warning: When the structural monitoring data is abnormal, the corresponding alarm

mechanism will be triggered after the system verification, and the user will be notified immediately to realize the

comprehensive early warning function;

AI data analysis: Through the artificial intelligence analysis method, the effective data of a single or associated

sensor is integrated, the engineering status reflected by the monitoring data is deeply analyzed, and the existing

structural evaluation is combined to form an instant safety evaluation.


Monitoring software interface


Mobile APP interface

Software system

The system uses a layered B / S architecture, with .NET as the development platform, HTML5, CSS3, RAI, and as the core technology, and the currently popular Metro UI interface style unified process specifications, unified technical standards, and unified data management , Unified role management, unified user login, unified interface style, constitute an open and unified platform to build a layered online security monitoring system.

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