2019 Zhejiang Science and Technology Award Nomination Project

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According to the "Implementation Rules of the Science and Technology Awards in Zhejiang Province (Revision)" (Zhe Ke Fa Cheng [2019] No. 102), the relevant information of the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Award Nomination Projects of our unit in 2019 is now publicized.
Within 7 days from the date of publication, if any department or individual has an objection to a public project, it shall be submitted to our unit in writing, and our unit shall protect its identity in accordance with regulations and verify the personnel involved in the objectioned project Check to ensure that facts are dealt with in a realistic and fair manner.
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Attachment: Public Notice-Key Technologies for Highway Subgrade Construction Safety and Quality Control under Complex Geological Conditions
Unit: Ningbo Shengtuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd.
December 10, 2019